Launching a new benefit

Provide something employees actually use

Learnings from our impact at

The Amelia method

Taking the lift off HR's shoulders
Driving employee education and awareness
  • Targeted content marketing on the connection between mindfulness and performance
  • Live Ask-Me-Anythings with domain experts on hacking your way to better emotional wellbeing
  • Open interviews with your company leadership de-stigmatizing workplace mental health
Becoming culturally integrated in the framework of your business
  • Timely events like live breathwork or a speaker series that align with planned initiatives and ERGs to reinforce cultural values and broader mission statements
  • Integration with Slack, Google Cal and other workplace tech to build team connectivity and create opportunities for self-reflection, focus and building community
  • Active partnership efforts with Talent/Recruiting to warmly welcome each new hire to Amelia as part of the global onboarding process
Building a platform for sustainable engagement and continued success
  • Executing a Champions Program of power users who promote their use and refer other colleagues
  • Empowering team leaders to incorporate mindfulness on their own with Amelia Meetings
  • Being transparent and vocal in our impact with company-wide health outcome reports that encourage current usage and new signs ups

After three months at Asana, we onboarded 350+ employees and measured a record of 60% MAU which means that more than half of the user base was regularly breathing, stretching or coming together, on a monthly basis. Sleep scores improved, stress decreased and we positioned ourselves for the long-term as a true People Partner.

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